Happy New Year, Aloha and Philanthropy updates

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First, we hope everyone is having an enjoyable Holiday season thus far!  And we’d like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year in 2020!  Of course it’s a great time to reflect on the year that’s almost passed and to project and plan for our desired positive changes and outcomes for the one forthcoming.

2019 was another outstanding year for Aloha LTD Income Fund.  It produced a positive return every month, as confirmed through October, and looks set to deliver the same in November and December, as the year comes to a close. The full year estimate as of this writing is +9.80%, net of fees. This would be sixty straight months of making money since the the Fund’s inception back in January, 2015.  For our investors who receive income, it represents a nice, long stretch of consistent cash distributions having arrived in their bank accounts like clockwork.  And these distributions have occurred regardless of what the headlines have to say or what the day to day gyrations of the equity markets have delivered to that asset class. Also–please know that Aloha’s founders have money invested in the Fund as well; so we, too, are enjoying the ride.

It has also been an incredible year for Aloha Capital.  Our team has grown from six to ten people year-over-year, while we’ve worked hard to continue laying a unique foundation for a productive and progressive company culture.  We get a lot of positive, well-received feedback from the Aloha team and part of the goal is that despite all the hard work, the daily environment feels fun and like family.  This raises the quality of life both professionally and personally, which in turn supports our client service to investors and borrowers on the lending side. We also get a lot of positive feedback from Aloha’s borrowers.  As such, our team has grown rapidly in order to keep pace with the demands of the lending operation.  We have seen it double in size every year since 2015, and 2019 appears to have continued this impressive trend!  So hats off to everyone at Aloha for all their outstanding effort and accomplishment!  

The Holidays are also a great time to take stock in what we have, as well as to consider others who are less fortunate.  Last year we shared details about a partnership we began in 2018, with an aim towards making a difference in people’s lives and being responsible citizens as part of our livelihood.  As a refresher and update, this is with the Kiva micro-lending platform out of San Francisco.  Here are the highlights again:

  • Operates in 82 countries around the world
  • Has made over $1 billion in loans 
  • Loans are interest-free to end clients
  • 100% of the money loaned, goes to the field 
  • 96% of Kiva loans have been repaid

Aloha adds $25 per loan originated on behalf of the Fund to its Kiva account.  This will total thousands of dollars in 2019.  We then use the platform to originate loans to end clients who’s stories resonate with us, with the idea that the loan will be repaid, and thus that capital can be lent once more.  We are happy to be part of this superb form of regenerative philanthropy, and hope you are as well.  
Here are a few snapshots of our micro-lending activity this year:

Aloha Capital Kiva Loan Examples

Carrolyne, Kenya, Food$500
San Francisco Group, Paraguay, Agriculture$500
Mirian Alexandra, Ecuador, Food$200
Mamita Asunta De Coya, Peru, Retail$500
Maria Corina, Honduras, Agriculture$50
Nhan, Vietnam, Agriculture$50
Veronica Lisseth, El Salvador, Food$50
Gs Bendicion 2 Group, Dominican, Clothing$400

Our May acct summary and an Aloha micro-loan recipient!

Again, we hope you have a fantastic Holiday season and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!  We’ll see you in 2020.

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